Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

No doubt, the ultimate fulfillment of Shahab Sagheb Company’s mission is possible merely through the unanimous collaboration of the personnel,constantly improving quality,and achieving clients’ satisfaction.

  • Improvement of quality-effective processes to maintain permanent supervision and development of services
  • Proliferation of client consent through easing and acceleration of dealings and services
  • Undertaking to preserve the secrets of clients based on ethical rules and safeguarding their assets by adhering to principles of loading and transit of commodities
  • Ownership of professional, skilled, and expert personnel and the development of manpower efficiency through growing partnership culture (teamwork), having in mind the significance of human values, training, and knowledge in various organizational layers
  • Improvement of service providing via evaluation and upgrading of transportation providers

Shahab Sagheb’s board of directors guarantees quality systems and the company’s policies, and it also encourages the employees to cooperate fully with the professional process. Quality control has always been the company’s top priority.

Client Orientendness

Client satisfaction has been placed as the topmost priority of the company’s target planning which serves as the chief factor leading to its thriving and development.

We are highly privileged that a great deal of our projects are advised by our current clients (clients bring in new clients).

The company's central office provides service to clients on weekends and holidays as well.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certification in International Transportation (Marine, Air Transport, Transit) and Custom Clearance